Cedar + Sage
A woodsy & clean scent.  It brings to mind the scent of dew damp needles, a fine mist of rain coming down and the earthy, herbaceous scent of sage.

A complex scent years in the making, Prairie contains notes of prairie barley, common blue violets and currant, along with subtle notes of wild grasses and white musk.
Light and green with just the right amount of musk and sweetness, Prairie will take you back to your roots, no matter where home may now be.

Patchouli and Tobacco 
Deep, earthy, musky and slightly woodsy our patchouli is not too herbaceous nor too woodsy. We’ve blended our patchouli with an amazingly rich pipe tobacco fragrance that’ll take you back to summer nights sitting on the end of the boat dock smoking cigars with your ol’ man. 

Captures those memories of past camping trips. Of those nights where the fire is rumbling, the conversation flows among friends as the world’s problems are being solved after a few beers.

Manitoba Pine
An amazing year-round fragrance of pine blended with slight notes of earthy foliage.

Teak + Tobacco
Light  but complex and is a modern take on your grandpa’s humidor. Notes of bergamot, Indonesian and tobacco flower blossom make for a combination that’s strong and sexy. No pipe or smoking jacket required.

Farmer’s Son Candle Signature Collection